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About the home

504 Bury Old Road,


M25 3DF


504 Bury Old Road is a semi -detached house with Communal living area, dining room, kitchen and shared bathroom. Whilst outside there is an attached conservatory, and small garden area, with table and chairs, where when the weather permits enjoyable BBQ’S are held.

At 504 there are 2 rooms for single occupancy; both are non smoking environments (this also includes vaping).

Support we provide

This property is supported living accommodation with 24-hour support so staff are there at all times, and where support staff will provide 1-1 support around individuals funded hours in respect of and/or in relation to all aspects of daily living including:

  • All aspects of personal care

  • Shopping

  • Budgeting

  • Health Appointments

  • Social Activities

  • Support with reading & replying to letters Completing forms

  • Providing Prompts around personal care & daily living skills

  • Administering medication.

  • This property has capacity for a sleep person.

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Around the world during lockdown


As Covid brought lockdown to the country, our house decided not to let this dampen our spirits and keep the spirits flying. Two lovely ladies along with the staff, decided that every Thursday they would travel around the world for tea, albeit virtually!!

So, every Thursday evening after tea, those two ladies along with the staff, talk about which country they would like to visit in the coming week. Once they decide the country they would like to visit, the staff immediately start researching about the country of choice over computers – its authentic cuisines, dresses and other facts. With a variety of options, they sit together to decide the recipe that they would like to have next week along with a costume. The staff then get to the work - looking at the costumes of the country and trying to make them. They buy all the ingredients to prepare the chosen meal.

On the day of the planned tour, the ladies help the staff with chopping vegetables and other chores. After lunch, the ladies and staff decorate the table and set it for tea. In the evening, they wear their costumes, do some photo shoot and relish all the food prepared by the staff for them on that special day. Both the ladies enjoy the night from the core of their heart and look forward to the next Thursday.

The event not only brings joy to the lives of the two marvellous ladies, it also gives immense pleasure to the staff who give their best efforts to bring joy to their lives.

Until now they have visited 22 countries; many more to go…

About our Support

Our support is based on the needs of the individuals and is person centred, being tailored to their unique needs, wants and desires.

Our organisation’s person centred values, include equality, diversity, social inclusion, dignity & respect, fairness, empowerment and empathy.


CQC overall Rating


12nd May 2019

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