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Outreach Trustees

Our trustees have overall control of Outreach and are responsible for making sure Outreach is doing what it is set up to do. Trustees’ have 6 main duties, as follows:


1. Ensuring Outreach is carrying out its purposes for the service users’ benefit and planning what Outreach will do, and what they want to achieve. The trustees make sure that Outreach is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up, and no other purpose.

2. The trustees ensure that Outreach complies with its constitution, charity law and other laws as they apply to Outreach. The trustees take reasonable steps to find out about legal requirements, for example, by reading relevant guidance or taking appropriate advice when they need to. The trustees ensure that Outreach keeps our details on the charity register up to date and that we send the right financial and other information to the Charity Commission in our annual returns.

3. The trustees act in Outreach’s best interests in deciding what will best enable Outreach to carry out its purposes, whilst making balanced and adequately informed decisions, thinking about the long term as well as the short term and in avoiding putting themselves in a position where their duty to Outreach conflicts with their personal interests and/or loyalty to any other person and/or body or can be perceived as being so. 

4. In managing Outreach’s resources responsibly, the trustees must act responsibly, reasonably and honestly whilst exercising sound judgement. The trustees must make sure Outreach's assets are only used to support or carry out its purposes, not take inappropriate risks with Outreach's assets or reputation, not over-commit Outreach. Whilst taking special care when investing or borrowing, in being in compliance with any restrictions on spending funds.

The trustees put appropriate procedures and safeguards in place and take reasonable steps to ensure that these are followed to avoid fraud and/or theft.

5. The trustees act with reasonable care and skill, whilst taking appropriate advice when necessary. Whilst also giving enough time, thought and energy to being a trustee, for example by preparing for, attending and actively participating in all trustees’ meetings except when unavailable which should be unusual.

6. The trustees must ensure that Outreach is accountable and complies with statutory accounting and reporting requirements. They also need to be able to demonstrate that Outreach is complying with the law, and well run. They must also ensure accountability within Outreach, especially as almost all of the responsibility of operationally running Outreach is delegated to staff and/or volunteers

Making Decisions as a trustee

Outreach's trustees make decisions about Outreach together, working as a team. They are usually made at one of the bimonthly trustees' meetings, but urgent decisions can be taken outside the meeting if due care is taken to ensure there is appropriate involvement of all the trustees."


Meet the Outreach Trustees


Peter Elton

Chair of the board of Trustees



I became involved in Outreach as my cousin, Elaine, became a service user.  Unfortunately, she died a few years ago but I have been pleased to continue my involvement at Outreach

My health service work has involved developing policies for people with learning disability and mental illness.  I hope that combining this with my personal experience has been valuable to Outreach.

I am clinical director of the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Network which brings clinician together to improve policies and pathways for clinical work.  Previously I was in public health.

I have been a member of JCVI (Joint Committee for vaccination and Immunisation) from 2013-9 which has given me insights into decisions on COVID.  I led the North-west Offender Health Team from around the turn of the century for over ten years of which a major part was improving mental health services for offenders inside and outside prisons. Other interests have been tackling smoking, drug use and research.

As director of public health in Bury I was involved in piloting flu vaccination in children which was later rolled out to the rest of the country; as the public health advisor to the stroke network, I was involved in setting up the redesign which enabled more patients to receive treatment to dissolve clots that were causing their strokes; as a Greater Manchester public health lead, I helped set up the Greater Manchester aortic aneurysm screening programme.

It has been a privilege to be involved with Outreach for so many years.  I have been proud the way the Outreach has always put service users as its focus to enable users to be a part of the community.






Barbara Pearlman

Outreach Trustee


Hello, my name is Barbara Pearlman, I have four children and eight grandchildren.

I am a Trustee of Outreach, having previously been on the Management and Executive for a number of years.

I have undertaken voluntary work for many years, for NW Charitable organisations and Hospitals; and as a Citizen’s Advice Bureau advisor.  I was a Local Authority (LA) Social Worker, Children’s Services, latterly managing its Fostering Service. 

Since retirement, I have undertaken (voluntary) SW Consultancy and am on the Patient Representative Panel, Salford Royal Hospital, Dept. of Immunology.

Career highlights include taking a lead in professionalising a NW LA’s Fostering Service; and driving it forward to become one of the highest rated fostering services in UK; achieving Master’s Degree in my 40s!

Credentials include: 

  • MSc., CQSW;

  • ILM accredited Manager (L4);                                                

  • 30 years social work experience in both Hospital and LA Children’s Services;                  

  • Manager LA Fostering Service (15 yrs+);

  • Vice Chair/Social Work Advisor to LA Fostering Panel; 

  • LA Counter Signatory for DBS;                                                                            

  • Considerable experience of autism re youngest son, also advocating on behalf of other families.


Outreach was already known to me, as they were caring for a close family member long term.  They have since supported my son through his College years.  I feel proud of Outreach’s achievements over the years, privileged to be part of an incredible Charity and of the way in which they support, so ably, our vulnerable adults to lead as fulfilling a life as possible, within their own Community. I particularly enjoy undertaking House Inspections, spending time with service users and gaining their invaluable perspectives.  


Ivor Silver

Outreach Trustee and Hon sec


Currently retired after business career spanning many years, I am also one of the founder members of Outreach with over 40 years of involvement, and where I feel that I bring a broad common sense approach to the organisation


Outreach has always been close to my heart, and a place where I like to think I can still contribute to its ongoing health and wellbeing. The work that we do and the way that we do it, particularly in respect of our staff, who go above and beyond the norm, and which is inspiring. 


Barry Fine FCA

Outreach Trustee


Barry Fine FCA

I am a chartered accountant and have been involved as Treasurer of Outreach for over 15 years


My involvement with the charity has been very rewarding and I am pleased to play a small part in overseeing the finances and keeping them healthy

I am a partner in Alexander Bursk accountants based in Prestwich and have a wealth of experience in accounting and charitable matters.



John R. Knight

Management Trustee


Retired IT professional with experience of running Businesses in many different industries. My hobbies:  travelling, swimming (past), cycling, walking, scrabble, chess, neighbourhood matters, family.

Instrumental in saving several thousands of pounds in both IT infrastructure and energy costs. Also instigated and completed an all-encompassing IT review, providing added security and ease of operation. Suggested preparing a rolling 12 months’ financial forecast to be able to

give more visibility to the board of the expected future financial performance. 

  • Treasurer local residents’ Association

  • Police Coordinator for my local area

  • Vice Chair of Whitefield and Unsworth Home Watch Association

  • Associate of Energy Cost Saving Company

  • Associate of NXD (Non-Executive Directors Association)


Lifetime running IT projects, departments and companies. Director 8 countries for American Express Card Division.  Director and Shareholder of a rescued IT Outsourcing company. Implemented large IT projects across Europe.


Size of biggest International business run = £46 million (1981)
Size of biggest UK business run = £30 million pa
Value of Billings at largest data centre run = £900 million pa for Europe, Middle East & Africa.
Value of biggest International IT Project run = £24 million
Biggest International saving made = £12 million pa
Biggest UK saving made = £8 million

Member of Chartered Institute of Directors since 1996.


Approached by Outreach and I felt that although it was a new area for me, my lifetime skills and previous board level experience, in a completely different field, would add value for Outreach, whilst at the same time learning about a new and interesting area for myself. Win/win.

32 (2).jpg

Tracy Allweis

Outreach Trustee


Since qualifying as a solicitor in 1981, I have spent most of my career in the public sector dealing with criminal law and the regulation of alcohol and gambling.

The opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and to apply my strategic and management skills in a very different arena has offered me a welcome new challenge.

I became involved in Outreach in late 2022 and have been so impressed by the dedication of the organisation to always put first the people it supports.


For many years, I have held a range of voluntary roles. These include teaching in a museum, listening to children read, delivering safeguarding training to adult volunteers in a large local care charity and supporting the Young Oncology Unit at The Christie.

I have also served as Deputy Chair to various Advisory Committees appointed by the Lord Chancellor responsible for the selection and recruitment of Magistrates.


Sport has always been a huge part of my life. In particular, I play tennis several times a week and follow my football team home and away.


Outreach Trustee


Our Mission

To provide excellent care and support, which is person centred, for people who have a learning disability and/or a mental health need.

Our Mission

Our Values

Sense of Self-worth



Equal but Different


Fair and Transparent

Our Ethos

Is to ensure, that service users are empowered to fully identify and express their personal goals.

We support them to achieve this by developing individual person centered plans.

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