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About Us

Outreach have been successfully providing a range of services supporting adults with a learning disability and/or long term mental health needs, to live an independent life. Our aim is to provide person centred support to people living either in their own homes or within our residential services.


Outreach was formed in 1978 after a group of parents from within the Jewish community and who had children with a learning disability, wanted a more independent life and support for their children. 

Overtime and as Outreach has grown; we now welcome, cater for, support and celebrate people from across the wider community, and from all religions, faiths, beliefs and those of none.

We have developed a range of services including intensive support for people with challenging behaviours, dual diagnosis, autism specific services, services for people with additional physical and sensory needs, and supported living service for people who are more independent. 

We work closely with families, carers and other stakeholders to provide co-ordinated services for individuals.

There is a high level of active service user participation with regular forums and activities for service users with learning disabilities.

We currently support a number of people living in the Prestwich and Whitefield areas, also Bury, Salford and Manchester.

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Meet The Outreach family Team



Outreach Team

Chief Executive


I joined Outreach Community and Residential Services in September 2005. All my professional career has been working within Health and Social Care within the Charity sector.


I have enjoyed my time at Outreach reviewing processes, restructuring, improving and redeveloping services. I am passionate about fairness and equality and fight for it whenever I can.


I am the mother of three and a grandparent; my interests are reading, walking, knitting, DIY, sewing and people.


I want to see the world become a better, healthier, safer, empowering and more caring environment for everyone not just those with money and power.



Outreach Team

Director of Operations


I have been at Outreach for 6 years now, and the time has flown!! 

I started work as a young student nurse at 17 and have worked in this sector all my adult life. My time with Outreach has certainly been a highlight of my career and I am very proud of the excellent services we deliver.

I am passionate about ensuring service user choice, inclusion and empowerment, and many of our service users have significantly developed and grown in confidence as a result of our approach in this area.

Away from work I am married to Shaun and have four children and five grandchildren, as well as a very large dog and a cat. With the size of my family, I have an active and busy home life with lots of babysitting duties!! I enjoy cooking and camping as well as music, often combining all of these interests.



Outreach Team

Finance Manager


Josie is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash disbursements, payroll and bank reconciliations.

She  ensures that all accounting allocations are appropriately made and documented and  prepares management accounts and report on the financial position. She also  assists the External Auditor at the end of each financial year.

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Outreach Team

Volunteer Programme Manager


Norman is our dedicated full time volunteer programme manager and has over 20 years of experiences in Volunteer management.

Norman has the responsibility for the recruitment and selection of Outreach volunteers; taking potential volunteers through a comprehensive five stage recruitment process which includes, training, vetting, and preparation for Outreach existing volunteer  roles. Or in the creation of new bespoke wrap around roles based upon individual volunteer skill sets, personal and professional goals and aspirations.


Outreach Volunteers are supported by Norman in respect of and in relation to personal and professional development; reflection; and in meeting of their individual aims and objectives throughout the course of their volunteering.


Norman typically represents Outreach, in pro-actively promoting and championing ethical and quality focused organisational volunteer involvement and wider volunteerism; both locally and nationally.

Norman also volunteers in his own right, in offering pro-bono counselling to people from within the intersex community; and where Norman is also active in increasing awareness of people who identify as intersex. In reducing abuse, discrimination misunderstanding and prejudice.

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Outreach Team

Registered Manager


I am committed to my work role and want people to be able to approach me about anything, I like my work colleagues and trust their commitment and support.

Personally, I am keen cyclist and love my bike, Eunice. I am part of a book club and I have thoroughly enjoyed this, as it has given me the opportunity to try different genres of books, that I wouldn't usually read.

I like to cook and try my hand at baking, I don't always get the right result but I try. I also like socialising with friends, trying new places and enjoying myself in my own time is important to me.

My dream is to own a camper van, tour around England, and then Europe, fingers crossed.



Outreach Team

Residential Manager


Jeanette has worked for Outreach for 30 years. She started her career as a support worker and worked her way to where she is now which is the Registered Manager for the Residential Services.

Jeanette manages and supports teams of staff to deliver a quality service to the individuals we support in a Person-Centred way, so that each individual can achieve their dreams and wishes and enhance their skills.

Jeanette works within CCQ guidelines, liaising with families and professionals and ensures that the services she manages are monitored regularly to ensure they maintain a high standard of care in line with Outreach’s Ethos.



Outreach Team

Quality and Staff Development Manager


Bev is responsible for recruitment and selection of employees for Outreach.

On commencement of employment she oversees the induction of new employees through training and reflection.

Her role is  to ensure that all staff across the organisation have a continuous personal and professional development plan, by facilitating training and refresher training and in making sure the training database is up- to- date (ASC - WD).


​Bev is responsible for overseeing activities for service users which includes running weekly activities sessions at the Drop-in, Leisure group and/or other social gathering such as parties, disco's, day trips as well as trips to the cinema, theatres etc. 


​She also arranges service user forums to ensure that service users are not only aware of and involved in organisational issues,  but also they are part of decision making in what may be happening and/or planned across the organisation.



Outreach Team

Service Manager( Residential)


Kate originally comes from Scotland and moved to England in 1999. She has been with Outreach for over 5 years, having previously had a career in hospitality.

Kate now assists the Registered Manager in supporting the four of Outreach Residential Care homes. These houses support individuals in person centered approach, with dignity and respect in all of their care needs, in supporting individuals with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues to lead a fulfilled and meaningful life.



Outreach Team

Service Manager( Domiciliary)


Karen started working at Outreach in 2008 as a support worker, her current role is  Service Manager for five of the supported living projects working alongside the Registered Manager.

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Outreach Team

Service Manager


My name is Kelly Atkinson, and I have been working for outreach for over 4 years now. However, I have worked in the care sector for over 28 years.

I enjoy reading and drives out to the beach or countryside, I love to swim and spend time with animals, all this and living at home with my daughter and 3 dogs who are very spoilt.



Outreach Team



Linda is Outreachs' administrator, having secured the role following a one-year apprenticeship with Outreach.

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Outreach Team

Data Input Clerk


I have been employed by Outreach since December 2008, initially starting as a volunteer. My primary role is that of Data Input Clerk, however this is supplemented with administration first contact meet and greet duties, as well as answering the phones and taking messages where people are in meetings or otherwise engaged.

I am also responsible for all the photocopying, filing and stationery orders for all the various projects across Outreach, and in being part of the team overseeing fire safety testing.



Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


Karl is originally from Coventry and worked for the NHS in the operating theatres until he came to Manchester in 1999.

On arrival in Manchester, Karl started working in the social care industry and subsequently started working for Outreach in 2001.


Over the years Karl has seen a lot of changes and is looking forward to the new chapter within Outreach's new offices and community and social space in Radcliffe town centre.



Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


I’m Zoe Cracknell, born and bred in Radcliffe; when my daughter Diana was born we moved to Torquay for a year, but the bright lights of Radcliffe brought me back lol.


I’ve worked in the caring industry for a total of 18 years, with 16 years caring for people with dementia at a residential home, and in being a senior carer for 10 of those years.


Following this, I decided on a change and a applied for a job at Outreach and thankfully I got the job.

I started working in June 2018 and subsequently got offered the senior position in October 2018 and I have never looked back since, great service users, great job, love it!



Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


My name is Sue Parkinson I have worked for Outreach Community & Residential Services for 5 years.

I started off as a support worker and then became a senior support worker; I have a great team working with me and I really enjoy my work.


My job entails all aspects of personal care, attending appointments with service users, making and following up on appointments. The most enjoyable and satisfying part of my role, is empowering service users to achieve their goals and dreams in life. All service users are treated as equals, but are all very much individuals; the satisfaction I get from helping service users progress is a great feeling.

More recently I have played a lead role in mentoring a volunteer shadow support worker, to the point where she herself was able to apply for and secure a support worker position with Outreach.


I feel that I am really valued in my job role; before coming to work for Outreach Community & Residential Services, I had only looked after family members and never thought I could make a career out of supporting people, but I find this is the most enjoyable and rewarding job I have had.



Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


My name is Zoë Bradley, I started working at Outreach as a Support Worker in 2013 and became a Senior at Sherbourne in 2018. I work with a team of 12 staff and alongside two other seniors. This being in the provision of care and support to people with disabilities, and in supporting and enabling them to maintain and achieve their aspirations for independent living.

Among my key responsibilities, I also mentor and provide direct supervision to support staff and volunteers; as well as this I develop professional person-centered, supportive and empowering working relationships with service users; whilst ensuring that the wider house environment and personal relationships are both empowering and engaging.



Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


I started working at Outreach in 2018 as a support worker, and subsequently became a senior in 2019.

I love my job, and have a positive attitude in doing it and I stop at nothing in getting my job done. I use my tireless energy to encourage others to work hard towards achieving the aims and goals of the organization in the support of our service users.


I am a very good team worker, working alongside three other team members as a senior in the ongoing person-centred support of four service users, in helping in the promotion of independent living, self-worth, and in ensuring that each can live fruitful and productive lives as they see fit.



Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


I started working for Outreach in 2011 having done care work before and also being a carer for my dad, I had a little personal experience.

I have worked in 4 projects and supported some brilliant service users, and have learnt to support them through getting to know them personally and with ongoing training.


I am now a senior support worker which I have been for 6 years and love my job. The house where I work has 3 service users, 2 males and 1 female and who are non-verbal. I have a good relationship with all the service users and I have learnt to communicate with them individually as each service user has a different personality and communicates and understands at different levels.


I am supported by managers generally and when I needed support, and have gained a lot of knowledge from them.

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Outreach Team

Senior Support Worker


My name is Sue Hogan AKA Super Sue from  Highbury Court, where I am senior support worker.

I started out with outreach around 2010 on placement with the job centre and after 6 months started full time as a support worker and became a senior roughly 5 years ago.


I love my job, its often busy, sometimes a little stressful; but I genuinely care about the people I work with, and of course those who I continue to support throughout what is now years with Outreach. In empowering and enabling them to be the very best they can be and in doing all the things they wish to do in living as active, productive, enjoyable and fun life as possible.



Outreach Team

Support Worker


I started working for Outreach in 2015 as a support worker, which was a completely new avenue for my working life. I worked four years at a project, assisting four individuals to lead independent lifestyles. In February 2020 I was appointed to a new role of acting senior support worker at a different project. The change enabled me to not only attain new skills but to widen my understanding of individuals with more complex needs. 


Then the Corona Virus hit and as with many things all “normal” routine went up in a cloud of smoke; but as part of an awesome staff team we were able to not only provide essential daily support to our service users, but we made it fun too. We had a fine dining experience (in-house), Games nights, American theme night, picnics, and pamper sessions etc.

It was tricky finding suitable activities for all of our service users to enjoy together, and I cannot wait to see how much more I learn in my future years with Outreach.



Outreach Team

Assistant Manager

I have worked for Outreach since 2012 within several of the projects, in giving high quality support and care to others that need it, in order to give them a better life. I first came down this route of work as I grew up with epilepsy and ended up being limited to what I was able to do, and as a result of my own experience, I wanted to prevent others from this happening to them!

I am an outdoors person and like to go on holidays and do physical activities of the kind, rather than being behind a games station. ! I have a love for rock/metal music. however, I am open to all different types of music and try to get to download festival as often as I can! I find these are good attributes to have, as I have a family of 2 boys and 2 girls who like to keep me busy to no end.



Outreach Team

Support Worker


My name is Gina, I started work at Outreach Community Residential Services in November 2019.

I have enjoyed all the training and what I have achieved up till now, and will continue to do my best and learn anything which is required of me in the support of our service users and the rest of the Outreach family.

This is the only job role where I have felt that I am really valued, everyone has made me feel welcome and if there is anything I am not sure of there are always people to ask before proceeding, I am enjoying my job and find it so rewarding.

Head and Shoulders.jpg

Lilly Hill

Outreach Team

Cafe Manager/Cook


I joined Outreach in August 2023 as the café manager and chef for Outreach's community café and hub in Radcliffe after years of experience in the service industry.

Originally created as a community space serving only hot drinks and cakes in 2021, the cafe is now a well-loved asset for many locals and service users alike, serving a range of vegetarian lunch-time dishes including the famous cheese and onion pies!

I'm passionate about creating and serving healthy, fresh, seasonal and delicious plant-based food and ensuring quality customer service to all. During my time at Outreach, I'm looking forward to warmly welcome the Radcliffe community and beyond into Outreach's doors.

The wonderful volunteers at Outreach make our café possible, and in my role as cafe manager the voices of all of our volunteers will be heard and implemented into our strategy.

I've always been passionate about social and environmental justice, and, as someone who has been plant-based for 4 years now, I am excited to bring these qualities into our kitchen by moving the café towards using more locally sourced, seasonal, and nutritionally complete plant-based foods. 

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening at a local community market garden, hiking, practicing yoga, music, art, reading, and leading a low-impact lifestyle. 





0161 740 3456

Our Mission

To provide excellent care and support, which is person centred, for people who have a learning disability and/or a mental health need.

Our Mission

Our Values

Sense of Self-worth



Equal but Different


Fair and Transparent

Our Ethos

Is to ensure, that service users are empowered to fully identify and express their personal goals.

We support them to achieve this by developing individual person centered plans.

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