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Leisure Group

Leisure time is important for everyone, as it provides an opportunity to spend time with friends and family, to have fun and to relax.

For someone with a learning disability, leisure time can be particularly important. Getting involved in a group or activity can be a chance to learn new skills, improve quality of life and raise self-esteem. For some people it is also a chance to express emotions and ideas that otherwise might have been difficult to talk about, and a chance to feel included in the local community.

Outreach actually provides a range of services supporting adults with a learning disability and/or long term mental health needs, to live an independent life. Our aim is to provide person centred support to people living either in their own homes or within our residential services. So its really important  for the residents to have these leisure group activities.


Outreach runs a weekly leisure group on a Thursday night, the activities are planned in advanced and chosen by the service users.

Some of the recent activities we have done include -  Frogtastic, Crazy golf, Pub night, Games night, Food and themed night, Quiz night and meals out various venues.

Due to current COVID situation, we are not planning any activities.


Following are some Leisure group activity planners that we had scheduled before Coronavirus pandemic has started.

Leisure Group Activity Planner for the month of September 2019

Leisure Group Activity Planner for the month of February 2020

A glimpse of our Leisure Group activities

Summer Ball
Party Night
Meals Out
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