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Residential Care

At Outreach we have 4 residential care homes located within the Prestwich and Bury area, and we pride ourselves on ensuring our residents feel at home with us.

Our residential care homes provide a comfortable, secure and happy home for each individual residing there.

Our dedicated, hard-working and well-trained staff provide 24/7 Residential support to individuals with a wide variety of needs and capabilities with highest quality of care.

Key Benefits of our residential care

Our Residential Care Homes

  • Residential care provides support to adults with learning difficulties and/or long term mental health needs, to live an independent life. 

  • Residents are kept mentally and physically stimulated with activity programmes provided by the residential care teams. These are tailored to each individual’s residential care needs and capabilities.

  • Residents for example regularly enjoy activities such as gardening, baking, outings, gentle exercise and life-skills work. 

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