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COVID Support

Outreach is a community and residential service provider and is situated at the heart of Radcliff within Bury Council. Current Covid -19 pandemic is affecting people's physical as well as mental health conditions all over the country. Social isolation and distancing, financial concerns, job security, concerns over having enough food and provisions, change of normal routine among other things are affecting people very much. This strange and difficult situation is fast becoming a cause of worry and anxiety for a large part of our community. In this circumstances, it has become our first priority to keep our service users, local residents, volunteers and our colleagues safe and sound. 

We have been pulling together a wealth of trusted and useful resources and information to help people cope with these strange, ever changing and challenging times. Please feel free to share across your network.

COVID information and guidance from Bury Council:

Other general information for local residents:

Government Guidance for Employees, Employers and Businesses provides all sorts of relevant information to local residents.

Detailed guidelines from NHS - Bury health leaders want to reassure residents that local health services are still 'open for business' during the coronavirus pandemic. People are being encouraged to seek help for urgent or emergency health problems, even if they are not related to coronavirus, to ensure they receive the help and treatment they need. All the necessary information regarding health care can be found in this link.

Registering as extremely vulnerable: Register yourself or someone else here if you have a medical condition that makes you particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus, including: organ transplant recipients, cancer, respiratory conditions, people on immunosuppressant drugs, rare diseases e.g. sickle cell. This is so you can access support from the government.

Guide for parents and carers - schools absence  gives complete information regarding  school absence in a variety of scenario in various languages.

24 - hour National Domestic Violence Abuse Helpline provides all possible support to the people experiencing domestic violence and abuse and Domestic abuse and COVID-19 page shares resources to help support adults and children living with abuse through this difficult time, and will be adding more as things progress.

Coronavirus community resource hub provides with lots of resources to help control the spread of coronavirus and raise awareness about symptoms, testing and how we can protect ourselves and others.


Guidance for places of worship planning to re-open to limit people's access to religious buildings in order to slow to spread of the coronavirus and reduce the loss of life.

Visit the government coronavirus advice website to read the latest safety updates, announcements and support.

Things to do at home when self-isolating - gives various ideas to do during home quarantine period.

Some non-verbal communication (masks and all) in the community and workplace to keep people's mental health...healthy!

Useful COVID information and resources

Useful accounts to follow on social media

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Visit the NHS website to download the official NHS COVID contact tracing app for England and Wales. It's the fastest way of knowing when you're at risk from coronavirus (COVID-19). The quicker you know, the quicker you can alert your loved ones, and your community. 

Share the NHS COVID app features poster.

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