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Thank you to our wonderful Volunteers

Outreach Community & Residential Services were pleased to celebrate our wonderful volunteers in taking them for a “thank you” meal at Istanbul in Radcliffe.

Volunteers also received a one off thank you £25 gift voucher

As well as the meal and the voucher, volunteers along with paid staff, also received our annual whacky awards and associated prizes; in respect of their own idiosyncrasies, fun and what they bring by way of being themselves.

Prizes included:

A Bucket and spade

A roll of duct tape

Marigold Gloves

And dish cloths

All of which added to the fun and humorous element of the evening, and well received by everyone.

Again I/we would like to thank all of our volunteers over the past year for all their sterling efforts and in making our community spaces welcoming and friendly.

If you are looking for fantastic volunteering opportunities within a friendly and empowering organisation. Please contact Norman to find out more. Are call in to our community café and speak with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Outreach where volunteering is about quality not quantity!

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