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Our rebranding

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Outreach recently undertook an exciting process in respect of organisational rebranding options.

This was achieved, having first involving volunteers, staff and importantly service users, in looking at and coming up with alternative names, colours, logo etc. With the intent of subsequently holding a democratic voting process to decide our brand identity including the organisation's name going forward, or indeed if it should remain as it currently is.

Once we had our new branding designs, we arranged an open day part of which was a democratic ballot involving our service users, family members, volunteers, board members, paid staff and members of the wider community in choosing the way forward.

The result of the ballot although close, was that for the foreseeable future we should remain the same in respect of our brand identity. Whilst of course continuing to push forward with our intentions for our exciting new community space in Radcliffe and of course in carrying on delivering excellent person centred, inclusive and diverse services for all.

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