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Open house

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

On the 20th February, we held a open house in our new community Hub to officially 'launch' this space and showcase the developments in our organisation. throughout the day, we held a range of activities for everyone to get involved with, like kickboxing, drumming, yoga and a virtual reality experience!These activity may be regularly held once our hub reopens. we also had visiting stands from the LGBT Foundation and the Organisational Learning Centre.

Our fun day ended with presentation carried out by our volunteers telling us all about the exciting changes coming our way way for our rebranding and community. We discussed options for our new name and everyone was given a 'Year in Review' newsletter to take home and read.

Overall it was a wonderful and exciting day for all, beginning a new chapter as as organisation, and a great way to bring everyone together to try something new an celebrate new developments to come!

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