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Happy Monday! - Helen (staff) and Emma

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Susan from one of our supported living projects - “I love the staff ... living here is spot on!”

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Tina - likes Outreach because of the support she gets from staff

Outreach Community and Residential Services

Outreach have been providing a range of support services to adults with a learning disability and/or long term mental health needs for 35 years. Originally formed as a service to disabled young people from the Jewish community, we now provide long term and personalised residential and domiciliary services to all denominations and sections of the community.

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Services We Provide

Supported Living

Residential support to individuals
Residential services

Supported living is an alternative to living in a shared residential care home or at home with family and allows people to live a more independent lifestyle. Outreach provides care options from just a few hours a day to 24 hour support.
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Adult residential care resident manchester
Adult Residential Care

Residential Care

Outreach has 10 residential care facilities in the Bury and Prestwich area of Manchester, supported 24x7 by a team of dedicated and experienced staff. Our homes are registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.
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Domiciliary Support

Domiciliary support to individuals
Domiciliary Support

Our Domiciliary Support services are designed to enrich people's lives and improve their wellbeing and self-esteem. We take great care in tailoring the best domiciliary care to suit the individual and keep them fully involved and in control of their lives.
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